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How to Format and Master Reset your Garmin Edge

Problems with your Garmin Edge computer? The more that you ride, the more problems you will come across. But that should not stop you from doing what you love. It just means that you will have to do a little bit of research, a little bit of extra work, and you will see a ton […]

Looking Back at 2016

Well we are finally done with 2016 and I like many others are excited that it has ended. But with a new year, comes not only a new start but also an opportunity to look back and reflect on what you accomplished and on experiences gained. Probably the first thing that comes to my mind […]

What I eat as an Endurance Athlete …  Meals – Part 1

There are many ways of dieting available for an endurance athlete. Some with great principles and ideas and some other ones that usually hurt the athlete more than what it dows to help. My approach is probably different from the majority of people. Where the most important thing is to eat a rich and balanced […]

Preparing your body for high intensity training with Plyometrics

A big part of having an excellent training season is the preparation that you give to your body. This does not mean that you only train hard to be fast but also how you get ready for those times when you go fast. Plyometrics will assist your body to prepare itself for what is to […]

Racing my mtb over 100km and 8,000 ft of climbing

On October 17, 2015 I took place in an endurance race like no other that I have seen, the Baja Ultra Endurance 100km. Even before the actual race started, a lot of preparation had to be done to try to achieve the best result possible. The first thing that I looked at was my bicycle, […]

Effective Strength Training for Cyclists

As one progresses trough the year and the different Mesocycles of it’s training calendar, a very important area will have to be addressed during Off Season Base, which is Strength Training. Although bigger muscles do not directly correlate with a faster rider, they do assist any in accelerating with greater power more easily and with […]

Creating your Cycling Annual Training Plan

  In order to have a successful season you have to meticulously plan for it, and then follow your plan to a certain extent. But how do you know what to do when, to what extent and to what intensity in order to be ready and prepared for your race(s). For this you have to […]

Kenny’s BDay Rides & Cycling in Sillicon Valley

I have to start by saying Happy Birthday to my good friend Kenny Tsuda who just turned a year younger this past August 30th. To celebrate having him with us for another year we decided to have a mini riding vacation, if you can call it that. He decided to take the week before off […]

2015: A great season to remember!

The 2015 Season has been one of the most memorable ones that I have ever had. It was not only my comeback year, but it was the year that I won my first California Amateur State Championship. It was as well an excellent experience which gave me the opportunity of meeting so many new friends […]

Cycling as my second job

During the last year or so I have decided to take the enduring task of becoming a faster and more fit cyclist. But it is not until recently that I have noticed that this task is probably more involving and requires more of my effort than any other thing in my life, even work. Cycling […]