PRT Team Group Ride

Bonita – Lyons Valley Training Ride

Join me and the PRT Team for a Scenic Climbing Training Ride – from Bonita to Lyons Valley! Details: 🚴 Date: Saturday, May 11, 2024📍 Start Location: TJ Oyster Bar – Bonita at 4410 Bonita Rd Bonita, CA 91902 Embark on an exciting group ride alongside the PRT team through the beautiful landscapes from Bonita […]

Hunte Pkwy and Discovery Falls Dr

PRT Mile Course

Welcome to the PRT Mile Run course, a meticulously designed one-mile track tailored for runners of all skill levels who seek to challenge their pace and endurance. Nestled in a beautiful setting, this course offers a unique blend of scenic views and strategic elevation shifts. Whether you’re a seasoned runner aiming to sharpen your performance […]

Sea Otter Classic Festival

From Racing to Reconnecting: My Tenth Year at the Sea Otter Classic

As the sun rises over the Laguna Seca Recreation Area near Monterey, California, the anticipation and excitement are palpable. For cycling enthusiasts like myself, the Sea Otter Classic isn’t just another festival; it’s a pilgrimage. This year marked my tenth consecutive year attending, a streak punctuated not just by the thrill of competition but by […]

Cyclist riding a road bicycle

How many calories do you burn?

Have you ever wondered just how many calories you burn during a cycling session and how this affects your nutritional needs? The amount of energy an individual needs to consume can vary significantly from person to person. By understanding the average power output during activities like cycling, one can estimate calorie expenditure fairly accurately. This […]

Area of accident with me

Riding Through the Storm: My Journey from Peak Fitness to Recovery

Hey there, I’m Gilberto Cortez, a USA Cycling and TrainingPeaks certified coach, but also an amateur cyclist and racer whose life took an unexpected detour early this year. Before I dive into that, let me paint you a picture of where I was at physically. After a solid block of training through November and December, […]

Coach relationship with athlete

Maximizing the Coach-Athlete Relationship

In the realm of cycling, the coach-athlete relationship is fundamental. It is the backbone of performance, the driving force behind personal growth, and ultimately, the cornerstone of success. This partnership’s strength lies not only in its professional dynamics but also in its humanistic elements, which infuse the coach-athlete relationship with a unique sense of partnership […]

Athlete facing numerous challenges

Athletes Overcoming Unexpected Adversity

Athletes face numerous challenges throughout their careers, including injuries, unexpected losses, and intense competition. However, dealing with unexpected adversity can be particularly challenging for athletes, both physically and mentally. Whether it’s a sudden injury that prevents them from participating in their sport or an unexpected loss that derails their momentum, unexpected adversity can be a […]

Bicycle Fit: Assessing an athlete’s flexibility

Bicycle Fit: Assessing an athlete’s flexibility

During a bicycle fit, assessing an athlete’s flexibility is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures a proper bike fit that accommodates the rider’s body. For instance, if an athlete has limited flexibility in their hamstrings or lower back, a higher handlebar position may be necessary to prevent strain and discomfort. Secondly, assessing the athlete’s […]

10 Steps Cyclists Should Follow in Tapering

10 Steps Cyclists Should Follow in Tapering

Tapering is a crucial phase of any cycling training program. It refers to the period of reduced training volume and intensity leading up to a key event or competition. There is a significant body of scientific research that supports the importance of tapering for endurance athletes, including cyclists. Here are a few key findings: Here […]

Girl Running

The Concept of Progression

Cycling is a physically demanding sport that requires a high level of endurance and a well-rounded training program. While training is crucial for success in the sport, it is also important to be mindful of the risk of injury and burnout. One key principle in avoiding these risks is the principle of progression. Progression is […]