Looking Back at 2016

Looking Back at 2016

Well we are finally done with 2016 and I like many others are excited that it has ended. But with a new year, comes not only a new start but also an opportunity to look back and reflect on what you accomplished and on experiences gained.

Probably the first thing that comes to my mind about 2016 is that it went way too fast. I remembering preparing for the season as if it was las month, and the season itself its just a quick blur of traveling, racing, camping and just being out there. Great memories were created, new friendships created and old ones revitalized.

The season started in the end of January, with a rainy and muddy mountain bike race in Baja California. I am not sure what place I got, but I don’t remember doing that great. What I do remember tho is that my brakes were gone after that race, and the bike, well lets just say it was up for a full overhaul. As the season starts earlier in Mexico, I was able to get a couple of practice races before they started in California. I race Elite or Pro category down there which allows me to take my body and my effort to the max limit that I have. The events down there are always very welcoming and the people are humble, and the competition is fierce.

By February we had our first official race of the seasson at Vail Lake, Temecula. Another rainy day… Normally the rain will have me stressing out, but this time that was not it. The thing that was going around my mind continuously was the fact that I upgraded to Cat 2. Which to most is not a big deal but for me, well let just say it had me going to the restroom every 10 minutes. It is no biggie tho, wich I was able to notice and understand after a couple of races.

Like my past year, the first part of the season was not that great. Plus with my race frame braking in the middle of the season, I was not able to do better than 4th. Thankfully after my peak on April for the Sea Otter Classic (another great year by the way), my power levels increased. Plus I finally got my bike builded again and I was able to place second on multiple races at the Kenda Cup.

By the last race of the season I was ahead in the board by 7 points. But not knowing that it was points and a half, I got second place on the race, Which unfortunately meant that I lost by .5 points. Not bad for my first year on Cat 2 uh.. Now lets hope that same drive helps me win this 2017 in Cat 1 🙂

After the end of the season I raced a couple of 12 hour races, the Grizzly 100 in Big Bear and the Baja UltraEndurance Race. All with great results, which included a win in the 2 person mixed team at the Vail Lake 12 hrs of Endurance with Ale Guzman.

I can’t really complai as I had a great year in 2017. With lots of stories which I should probably share more often. Let’s hope that this 2017 is even better and that the results of all the hours of training show in the races. And on a side, exiting note… there will be a 24 hr Race in October in southern california, which lets just say I am probably doing either 2 person or solo !

See you guys at the trails!

Thank you for reading!

Gilberto Cortez - USA Cycling & TrainingPeaks Certified Coach

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