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Is a regular power test a proper way of measuring a cyclist fitness?

There are many ways in which athletes test their improvements or their current level of fitness.  There is the more commonly known 20-minute FTP test, or there is an 8 minute FTP test as well, or via a RAMP test or maybe the athlete will ride for a complete 60 minutes. The way that I […]

The Importance of Increasing Cyclists Training Load Over Time

There are many times that cyclists get stuck in a certain fitness level, and they seem to try everything in their book with nothing really working. I have seen athletes do the same training year after year and then they are surprised when they obtain the same results. A big part of improving your fitness […]

Sea Otter Classic 2019 – My Experience

Another Sea Otter Classic Festival has ended and although I am a bit nostalgic that it is over, I cannot wait until next year comes around to go back. There is always something new to learn at the festival, new technologies to check out and of course the mandatory pictures with your favorite professional cyclists. […]

Indoor Training for Cyclists: Efficient or Counter-Productive?

There are many debates into whether indoor training for cyclists is efficient or counter-productive to the overall improvement of its fitness. However, to many athletes there are times or situations when riding indoor is required in order to accommodate to their location or life schedule. This being because of work, family or other compromises that […]

Intensity vs Volume. What is the best way of balancing these factors on your training plan?

As one progresses in their cycling training knowledge expands as well and new questions come to mind. A good question to ask yourself as an athlete or coach is, what is better for your particular training, is it more volume or more intensity on the workouts. Volume being the frequency and duration of workouts and […]

What is a good cycling training routine to improve my VO2 Max?

An athletes V02 Max is the maximal volume of oxygen uptake than an athlete can sustain during high-intensity activities, another way of describing it is how big its aerobic engine is. For this reason, you can see why it is a very important factor to consider when analyzing the strengths and limitations of an athlete, […]

What type of periodization is best for my training?

Every athlete is different and has different goals, for this reason, a customized specific plan needs to be created for each athlete. Periodization is a form of resistance training that may be defined as a strategic implementation of specific training phases, it is one of the most important theories that we have to understand when […]

Going back to Big Bear, CA

More pictures and videos at the bottom of the page As with every other year, the races return to Big Bear during the late spring and summer. I really love it up there and I could not wait to get up there. The first four stages of the state cup have already gone through and […]

Kenda Cup #1 – Vail Lake Resort, Temecula

The preseason kicked off a couple of weeks ago, but now the time has come for the races that really matter in my calendar. The first one of them was the first stage of the Kenda Cup West, which took place in the Vail Lake RV Resort. The day started off not the best due to the […]

Let the season begin… 8 hrs. of Temecula (Jan 2017)

Is it just me or time is traveling pretty darn fast… It is barely the end of January and the season has already began. The first race of the year for me was this past Saturday January 28th, 2017 over at Vail Lake Resort in Temecula. An 8-hour endurance race, in which the winner is […]