Looking Back at 2016

Well we are finally done with 2016 and I like many others are excited that it has ended. But with a new year, comes not only a new start but also an opportunity to look back and reflect on what you accomplished and on experiences gained. Probably the first thing […]

Effective Strength Training for Cyclists

As one progresses trough the year and the different Mesocycles of it’s training calendar, a very important area will have to be addressed during Off Season Base, which is Strength Training. Although bigger muscles do not directly correlate with a faster rider, they do assist any in accelerating with greater […]

2015: A great season to remember!

The 2015 Season has been one of the most memorable ones that I have ever had. It was not only my comeback year, but it was the year that I won my first California Amateur State Championship. It was as well an excellent experience which gave me the opportunity of […]

Cycling as my second job

During the last year or so I have decided to take the enduring task of becoming a faster and more fit cyclist. But it is not until recently that I have noticed that this task is probably more involving and requires more of my effort than any other thing in […]

A little about me

My name is Gilberto Cortez and I am a Entrepreneur, a CEO, a USA Certified Coach and a Amateur XC Racer. I’m founder of both Interactive Utopia, a small full service interactive firm a well of GC Termite Control Inc., a technologically advanced full service W.D.O. control and restoration firm. I have […]