How to Format and Master Reset your Garmin Edge

Problems with your Garmin Edge computer? The more that you ride, the more problems you will come across. But that should not stop you from doing what you love. It just means that you will have to do a little bit of research, a little bit of extra work, and you will see a ton of satisfaction in return.

With time, our Garmin Edge computers get filed with files from old rides or routes. This will cause it to slow down, and even some times to crash. Other times the program files will get corrupted, this will cause the computer to freeze or to crash during it is being used.
Here are instruction on how to  format a Garmin Edge Computer:

Please Note: The process for formatting the Edge 510 is intended for PC only. It is not recommended to format this device using a Mac.

  1. Connect Edge to a PC*
  2. Right-click on device as it appears as a drive
  3. Select Format…
  4. Ensure File System is set to FAT32
  5. Ensure Volume Label is set to Garmin
  6. Select Start

The formatting process may take a couple of minutes to complete. This process will remove any corrupt memory files, allowing for the Edge to power up past the splash screen. Now perform the master reset.

To perform a master reset:
  1. Power device off.
  2. Press and hold Lap and Start/Stop.
  3. Power device on while still holding both buttons.
  4. Continue holding buttons when Garmin “splash” screen appears.
  5. Release buttons when Garmin “splash” screen disappears.

Hope that this helps you, and makes your day a little bit easier. If it does not work try giving Garmin a call, they are great at helping you out.

If you have any comments or questions please write them below…


  1. Milos Matus

    format Garmin disc sounds strange. Is this possible also for Edge 1000? Will the device start a re-create the directories and other needed files afterwards?

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  2. garmin edge

    Bought the performance bundle for 700 dollars, to be used in India. Now Garmin wants another 99 dollars for India navigation maps. Really upset. Garmin support not helpful

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  3. Ali Mahmoud

    Trying to do this for the Edge 520.

    When I connect it to the PC, nothing comes up on the PC (tried 3 different PCs, same result).

    When I pres the start key and power up, a test mode comes up. With the start and lap button pressed, nothing happens. Splash screen does not clear even after 2 minutes.

    Thank you

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