Cycling Injury Recovery and Prevention Training Plans and Coaching

Cycling Injury Recovery Training Plan and Coaching

Cycling and everything that comes with it is wonderful, apart from the injuries involved in it. Of course, not everyone experiences it and when they do it’s no one’s fault. Accidents are bound to happen in every athletes’ career at one point or another. A small crash on the road can cause it or a mechanical problem with the bike or even a slight mistake by the rider. It’s just up to the athlete to kit up and prepare properly before riding, putting on the necessary safety gear will reduce the risk of an accident. However, accidents are not the only cause of all injuries; some injuries develop as a result of cycling for a long time without a proper fit. Having an injury is a really terrible situation, but what makes you a great athlete is recovering from an injury and being able to ride again stronger than before. Of course, I know some injuries are very devastating, but if there’s still any possible hope of recovering and riding again, then I will make everything in my power to make it happen. I know it won’t be easy, considering the physical and mental damages involved in it, but recovery is a gradual process. If you’re consistent with your daily routines and steps to recovery, doing them with a positive mindset and with the help of a really good coach, gradually, you will overcome your fears and start cycling again.

Common Typed of Cycling Injuries

There are various kinds of cycling injuries that I see on the California community, but the most common ones are:

  • Head injuries
    • This is a really common type of cycling injury.
    • Some head injuries are fatal, some major and life-changing while some are minor.
    • Wearing a helmet while cycling can reduce the risk of head injury.
  • Knee pain or injury
    • This is as well a really common issue
    • The pain is very often caused by overuse in combination with an improper fit
    • These pains are either around the knee or on the outer part of the knee.
    • Changing the fit of the bicycle can help prevent it.
  • Urogenital problem
    • This is common for men, caused as a result of riding for long, leading to the compression of blood in the genitals region.
    • A proper bicycle fit can help prevent it
  • Back or neck pain
    • Caused by cycling in a particular position for a long time.
    • The Best way to avoid this is by having a proper bicycle fitting.
      • Fit your bike to a more convenient form that is not over-stretching your back, shoulders or arms
  • Other common cycling injuries are
    • Wrist pain
    • Foot tingling or numbness
    • Forearms pain
    • Leg pain
    • etc..
      • Note: All these last ones can normally be usually prevented by riding in the correct position via having a proper bicycle fit

Recovery Tips

I know recovery after an injury is not easy, but you have to give it your best shot. I will be there to guide and help you every part of the way. Here are some general suggestions for proper recovery:

  • Acceptance
    • If you don’t accept that you have an issue, then how can it be rectified.
  • Having a positive mindset
    • You don’t need to have negative thoughts; always look towards the best outcome.
  • Follow every instruction given to you by the doctor or therapist.
    • In some cases, going for rehabilitation or therapy is necessary.
  • Resume easy cycling training and take it step by step. Don’t push yourself too much, ease back into your old fitness level.
    • Start riding again but always remember to take it easy until full recovery has been achieved
  • Hire a coach!
    • This is important and necessary to achieve a proper recovery into your old fitness level and to reach beyond it. A coach will guide you all through your road to recovery, encouraging, and motivating you when your spirit is low and giving you a hard push when you need it.

My name is Gilberto Cortez, and I am the right coach for the job. I have helped a number of injured athletes get back on the saddle, encouraging them all the way. I handle each case as if I was the one with the injury, knowing when to be hard and when to go soft with the athlete.

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