7 Things To Do Now That Race Season Is Here!

With winter over, race season is just around the corner. For me here in Southern California, it will start this coming weekend. Many athletes are not sure how to adapt to this change, for some reason they try to stay doing the same as what they were doing during winter. Due to this, I will […]

Build Your Foundation With Proper Base Training

Cycling is a great sport for all athletes and non-athletes to get involved in. However, like with everything there is a proper way of tackling training. One of the most important steps that I believe you should take into consideration is building a strong fitness foundation with a proper Base or Base Training. The better […]

Goal Setting for Cyclists, Runners, Triathletes and other Athletes

It is that time of the year when we have to assess the results that we were able to achieve during this season and think about the goals that we want to achieve during the next one. Under the right conditions, an athlete and a coach can utilize goal setting as a powerful weapon to […]

Session of the Month: October – Strength Conditioning Level 1

With base season currently in full effect, it is very important to consider strength conditioning on your training plan. It will not only help you to achieve a greater maximum power output, but it will help with muscle imbalances, help you prevent injuries and even make your nervous receptors work a bit faster. As with […]

The Importance of Increasing Cyclists Training Load Over Time

There are many times that cyclists get stuck in a certain fitness level, and they seem to try everything in their book with nothing really working. I have seen athletes do the same training year after year and then they are surprised when they obtain the same results. A big part of improving your fitness […]

Training Peaks Endurance Coaching Summit 2019: Notes

This past Thursday, September 19 and Friday, September 20, 2019, was the TrainingPeaks Endurance Coaching Summit at the Colorado University in Boulder, Colorado. During these days the greatest minds of endurance coaching, sport psychology, sports science, and other related field met to enlighten us in the most innovative finds in the field. These are some […]

Cycling Session of the Month: August – 40s / 20s Anaerobic Intervals

With the end of the season coming soon, to many athletes that means that their final “A” race is around the corner. A workout that is great preparation for this are the 40s / 20s anaerobic intervals, which means 40 seconds at max power with a 20-second recovery interval. This workout helps the athletes to […]

My Attempt to Revive Training by Heart Rate

A very common saying around cyclists is “power is king”, but is that really the case all of the time? Over the years I have noticed that this might not always be the case, and sometimes, just sometimes, heart rate might overthrow power as the king of training metrics for cyclists. How can this be? […]

Workout of the month: January

With another year upon us it is important that we start thinking about a more structural training plan. Winter training is reaching its end and although we do not want to introduce intensity work, we want to start introducing structured work. This is why I believe that it is important to start introducing low intensity […]

5 Training Principles for Cyclists

There are many points of view among cyclist and coaches about what the proper way of training is. But most of them do have one thing in common, which is to maximize the amount of adaptation in the shortest time possible. Even if you have months or even years to train, like it is in […]