Winning the 2nd Stage of the Rim Nordic Series 2019

This past Sunday, July 14th, 2019 I participated in the second of four races in the Rim Nordic series 2019. It was a weekend that so far was offering us the perfect weather with great conditions to be racing. I went into the race weekend with low expectations of my results, this is because I had taken 8 days off the bike and had barely a day of riding in before heading up to Rim Nordic. During the pre-ride the day before the race I felt good, but I knew from past experiences that usually that feeling does not last long. I tried to do a moderate pace session to try and wake up my legs. After the ride, I had a good dinner and got ready to rest before the race in the morning.

Sunday, the day of the race, I woke up and got ready to go riding but it really did not feel like a race. As I was mentioning I had low expectations of the results that I was going to get so I took it as a training ride more than as a race. This allowed me to have a good breakfast, a relaxed morning, and the time to do regular day to day tasks (aka work). My race started at 11:30 am so by 10:30 I started to get all my things ready and went outside to start my warmup. I rode for about 30 minutes and then I headed to the start area. To my surprise, the group was not very big, about 6 riders only, and one of them was a professional woman mountain biker. My initial thought was that I was going to get my butt kicked, but being I was already there I had to start and give it my best anyway.

The start was a bit slower than usual since the group was not very big. However, I quickly came to realize that my body was not ready yet to get at a very high intensity. I took my time to warm up and was on the back of the group, they were never very far away so I know I had a chance. Little by little I started catching up them, one at the end of the lap, another one on the next hill, another one on the top of the hill, and so on. I was feeling good, so I kept pushing what I thought was a moderate pace. To my surprise, by the end of the race, I had been the fastest out of my group by over 3 minutes to the closest racer. This was a great result if we take into consideration that I had not trained for over a week before this event. With this win I am tied for the number one spot on the overall series classification, If we keep it up hopefully we get to defend our series champion title for another year.

Winning a race is always a great feeling, and it is exactly what I needed to keep me pushing through this intensive training plan I have put myself in. I will try to train hard and win the next race which is one month apart. I am skipping this year the California State Championship race; I am concentrating more on increasing my fitness level and I believe that by having a heavy weekend instead of a race it will bring me more gains. This has been a crazy year and it had made me realize that there are levels to life priorities and that race is not in one of my high-level ones.

Let me know what you think about my performance or about the event by leaving a comment below. If you have any questions or need any help putting a training plan together send me a message online and I will personally get back to you as soon as possible.

Written by:

Gilberto Cortez - USA Cycling, TrainingPeaks & NICA Certified Coach

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