Basic Content Management System

If you are a Web Developer like me, then you are always working from different locations, different machines, etc. You do not want to go and look for that client information every time to gain access via FTP to do a small change. There is where a good content management system comes in place. What this is going to allow you to do is to give you the ability to edit any file from any location and from any machine as the editor will be sitting right on the server.

Here is a copy of my Content Management System, which you can just drop in any folder and edit or delete any file in it.

Download My Content Management System

Once you download it, just unzip it and try it in one of your folders. This is a basic management system all that you need to do to install it is to upload, there are a PHP file that is the one doing all the work, and the Tiny MCE folder, which contains all of the required files for the text editor skin, you can delete this if desired. You can also get an updated version by doing a Google search of Tiny MCE.

Please give me your comments and suggestions,

Gilberto Cortez


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